The Mad about a bag clothes

Every piece of clothing at Mad About A Bag is handmade either by woman in Uganda or India. They’ve poured all their of their love and work as true artists into each and every single piece. 

story about a bag

Which piece of clothing did I find where? These are their stories. 


the head wrap and bandana

brown saree blouse from India

The saree blouse

Mad about MAd

Why love us? This is why..

Fashionable souvenirs

Souvenirs you'll wear, keep and cherish?! Yes, now you will. Elevate your wardrobe with a vibrant saree blouse from India or keep your feet warm with the wool Greek slippers. You're welcome!

Travel the world

No worries, no expensive tickets needed to get to the other side of the world. I'm bringing the cutest wearable souvenirs to you, from Europe to Asia and back. I've got you.

Do good

I work with small entrepreneurs who get a fair price for their beautiful products, helping them sustain their businesses. Shop locally, globally.