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It started with a bag, THE bag. I was wondering through the old town of Lijang in China when I got lost in the maze of alleys. Somewhere in one of these alleys, I passed a little shop owned by a sweet, old man. And there, swinging slightly in the breeze was the bag I fell in love instantly. Why? The bag told the story of various mythical creatures of the Hmong tribe, who live throughout Southeast Asia. This would be the souvenir of my journey through China. And now, when I have my bag with me, so many people ask about it. That’s when I can tell them about the amazing trip I made through China, the people I met, the sights I’ve seen. For me this bag is a wearable souvenir with a story to tell. And that’s  what I love to do, share stories of the beautiful people and sights from all over the world. That is how Mad About A Bag was born and that’s what you can find in my webshop. Wearable souvenirs with a story to tell. So be welcome, have fun shopping and enjoy the stories belonging to these gems!  

The Stories

Which product did I find where? Read the stories here. 

Mad About A Bag - zwarte inca schoen China tas

the bag

Mad About A Bag - rieten boodschappentas nouida Uganda

the wicker bag

Mad About A Bag - witte stoffen Inca schoenen

The shoe

Mad About A Bag - Cambodja tas

the recycled bag

look at me

see the fashionable souvernirs shine

Mad about MAd

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Souvenirs you'll wear, keep and cherish?! Yes, now you will. Elevate your wardrobe with a vibrant saree blouse from India or keep your feet warm with the wool Greek slippers. You're welcome!

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No worries, no expensive tickets needed to get to the other side of the world. I'm bringing the cutest wearable souvenirs to you, from Europe to Asia and back. I've got you.

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I work with small entrepreneurs who get a fair price for their beautiful products, helping them sustain their businesses. Shop locally, globally.